Qpongo Software Tutorial

The top 3 things to highlight are:

#1.  Qpongo can notify you about promotions, coupons and other discounts for every site that you visit.

Qpongo Popup

When enabled Qpongo slides into the top of a page when it senses that you have arrived at a site for which Qpongo might have some savings and will continue to appear for the next screens.

NOTE: change these using the Qpongo OPTIONS -- in particular you might want to change the language to

You can close the Qpongo window by clicking the x in the top right and won't see Qpongo again for that site until...

  • you're in the checkout and ready to have Qpongo automatically test some coupons
  • or click the toolbar or extension bar button
  • or select Qpongo from the menu
  • or use the accelerator key (Ctrl + Q)

NOTE: Not all these methods are available in all browser versions.

#2.  Qpongo can automatically apply the best coupon codes to your order, saving you the most money.

Once in the checkout the Qpongo window appears again, this time with a few more options including the ability to automatically test possible coupon codes and other promotions in order to save you the most money. Just select some options for what to try and how many attempts to make then click the button and Qpongo will do all the work.

#3.  Qpongo builds a community while being both safe and private.

After you've checked out with the best deal Qpongo will send limited information (only which deals were tested and if they worked or not) back to the Qpongo mother ship so that the rest of the Qpongo community has the most accurate and up to date information about working promotions. This too is configurable but be assured that we promise that Qpongo will never view, capture or collect your private information.

Our privacy policy is like none other in the business and we are very proud of it.  Please read our privacy policy and forward it to every other software company that you know and ask why they don't have a software privacy policy like Qpongo.

Please also review the Software License Agreement to which you are agreeing to abide by in order to install and use any software from Qpongo. It basically says that you understand that we've got patents pending and that you agree not to try to duplicate, copy or reverse engineer what we've spent so many years building.  Please uninstall now if you don't agree to all the terms.

This version of the Qpongo browser extension is pretty solid for a beta as we've been using it personally for almost 5 years now -- guess it's finally time to let the public see it.  This piece of software is just the very first step to get us into the consumer eCommerce game and believe that everything will be different if can execute on our vision so stay tuned.  We also have some really big plans for this new genre of 'personal smart-bot' software applying to other verticals as well and have been dabbling with 25 different, unrelated app ideas.

Please send us your feedback with any comments, suggestions or bug reports.


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