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This document refers to the Qpongo SOFTWARE which is currently delivered as a browser extension or browser add-on.

      For information about the Qpongo web site and search engine see here or watch this video review which shows you how to check if a browser extension is safe.

Generally speaking, our privacy policy is as follows...

"the Qpongo software does not collect or store any personal information, no IP addresses, nothing"

but the Qpongo software does communicate with our servers behind the scenes so we detail exactly what’s being sent at the end of this page.

Qpongo takes privacy very seriously so that you can feel comfortable using our software.

  1. Personal information we collect

  2. How we use your personal information?

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information.
  3. When do we share your personal information?

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information.
  4. How do we secure your private information?

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information.
  5. Child privacy statement

    N/A – we do not collect your personal information but note that the Software License Agreement (SLA) requires that users must be 18 to access this service.
  6. Cookie usage

    No cookies are used by the Qpongo software

  7. Third Party Analytics

    No 3rd Party Analytics (like Google Analytics) are used by the Qpongo software

  8. Qpongo Software Communication with Server Detailed

    1. Data Updates (Downloaded from Qpongo):

      The Qpongo software downloads 4 types of content during its operation.

      1. a list of supported sites for which Qpongo might have coupons
      2. a list of coupons for some specific site
      3. text labels for your selected language
      4. HTML used to draw the various components of the Qpongo popup

      No personal data is passed to Qpongo when data is requested and no personal information about you is stored. The only thing we store is a counter so that we know which sites are popular.

      Here is the actual (and complete) SQL table showing what is stored.


      You can see we only maintain a counter so that we can understand which sites are popular.  We only increment this counter when you request data updates, otherwise you are always running standalone with your own copy of this data and without communicating with our server.

    2. Data Sent (Uploaded to Qpongo):

      Qpongo is a community and the more people participating the better the information for all.  In order to participate you should understand exactly what data your software can send to the Qpongo server.

      There are exactly 2 types of data that the Qpongo software can send:  coupon test results and coupon search results.

      1. Coupon Test Results:

        When you are finished testing coupons and promotions for some site (and have left the retailer site in question) the Qpongo software will periodically send anonymous results to our server – specifically, the software only sends an id representing the coupon or promotion and possibly two date/time values which represent the last success and the last failure for that individual deal.

        Example:  Retailer r1301 (; "ls" = last success date value; "lf" = last failed date value.  The first deal, deal d1959473 succeeded and never failed, the next one had success some time ago but failed on this recent test as did the 3rd one.  THIS IS ALL THE INFORMATION THAT YOU SHARE WITH QPONGO (and the community).


        NOTE: that this is actual data and that the long numbers are JSON/Javascript dates.

        > Date(1428029390609) = Fri Apr 03 2015 05:49:50 GMT+0300 (FLE Daylight Time

        Complete transparency is the only way to prove our goodness so we've built in tools so that you can audit us with exact details of what communication the Qpongo software is having with our server and only give you the ability to see these logs.

        See the "Show Qpongo Activity Log" button in the OPTIONS tab.


        Again, you can see that no personal data of any kind is included in this report while everyone in the community benefits greatly from accurate information about which codes are working.  With millions of people testing coupons every day in millions of different situations with millions of different items, there is no way that anyone can have better information about which coupons are working.  This is distributed computing at it's best.  This is the future!

      2. Coupon Search Feature:

        Another feature of Qpongo is the ability for you to initiate a coupon search across the entire Internet.

        When you press  Coupon Search an Internet search query is executed which can find any site with coupons that match your query.  Qpongo will automatically open each of these results into new tabs then analyze and consolidate all results into a single list.  The list of sites to look at comes from DuckDuckGo or StartPage, both excellent and private search engines, but our competitor sites generally don’t care about your privacy at all.

        It’s pointed out that Qpongo does not control these sites or their privacy policies so be aware that these sites are potentially (and likely) dropping cookies on you, logging your IP address, sharing your interest with advertisers, etc. Hey, that’s the Internet in a nutshell – not everyone is like Qpongo, DuckDuckGo and a few others.

        [Again, please understand that using the Coupon Code Search Feature (aka "Going Coupon Fishing") will create new tabs with web pages from other sites which we do not own or control.  These sites likely do all the usual things that we, at our core disagree with, such as track and store information about you, show ads that track you, etc.]

        As a final step, Qpongo will evaluate the coupons presented on these sites, sending that data to our server for analysis so that your coupon code list will be updated with a single list that contains potentially every coupon code available everywhere on the internet.  Of course, we don't feel this is necessary because we expect that we already have all the working codes but this feature is there to provide piece of mind that you're not missing out on anything.

  9. Any questions?

    Send an email to [email protected]

Privacy policy written 7/4/2013, updated 11/20/2015 to add exact data examples, updated 3/14/2019 to add video link.

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