Qpongo Browser Extension Install

This page gives instructions on how to install the most powerful coupon code and shopping extension for your browser.

For more information on the features of Qpongo, read our quick tutorial or watch some of our YouTube videos.

STEP #1 - Select your browser

STEP #2 - Go to Qpongo's page in the chrome web store

Navigate to Qpongo's Page in the Chrome Web Store<< Click here

STEP #3 - Click 'Add'

STEP #2 - Go to Qpongo's page in Firefox Add-ons

Navigate to Qpongo's Page in Firefox Add-ons<< Click here

STEP #3 - Click 'Add'

Qpongo ended support for Internet Explorer version 11 in 2012. We strongly suggest that you upgrade to a more modern browser.

Microsoft has finally admitted defeat in the browser war. They have announced that they will now repackage a new face on top of the same open source Chromium browser that everyone else (except Firefox) uses.

As soon as Microsoft publicly releases their new Edge browser we will make Qpongo available for Edge.

Apple has changed the way extensions are written for Safari so the Qpongo extension no longer works with Safari. Safari has made a lot of changes over the past few years. First they got rid of their own browser and put a custom face on the same Chromium open source browser that everyone but Firefox uses.

In 2019, Safari extensions are now apps. Send us a feedback if you're still using Safari and would like us to support Safari. By the way, it will be a lot of work.

Start Saving Money!

Just click Qpongo toolbar button  and you'll see the Qpongo extension.

Have a mobile device?

Qpongo works with Android browsers that support extensions like Firefox Mobile and Yandex Mobile.

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